Make the most out of your technology implementations

Clustering Solutions to ensure high availability, fault tolerance and load distribution

We help you setup GNU/Linux server clusters to eliminate single point of failures for your servers and services. This includes clusters for virtualisation services, mail services and web applications and services. Using a combination of load balancers, shared storage and microservices, we help you ensure continued operation and reliability for your services.

Private Cloud Solutions

We build private clouds for running virtualisation, file sharing and synchronisation solutions and web applications. We build this setup to run on your own (or leased) hardware, in your own data center and completely in your control

Automation and Infrastructure Management Solutions

Automation solutions to deploy, manage, upgrade and secure large-scale GNU/Linux desktops and servers. Centralised configuration management (and versioning), centralised logging, software installation and software/hardware monitoring.

Solutions for Software Development and Collaboration

We use Free / Open Source Software to help you develop software and manage development collaboration more effectively. This includes solutions for version control, bug tracking, documentation management, automated build systems, software packaging, containerization and continuous integration and delivery.

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