Self-hosted, Private & Scalable Mail Servers made Easy

Host your own mail server

Don't outsource your email hosting anymore. Deploy a mail server on your own. Manage mail server resources without constraints. Ensure the privacy of your email communications.

Clusters for larger scale

When you have thousands of mail users, downtime or unreachability of email is not an option. Build highly available and fault tolerant mail server clusters so handle heavy mail loads and ensure that there is no single point of failure for critical mail services.

Deploy as you choose

Build your mail server on your own hardware and host it in your office, data center, VPS or dedicated hosting provider. Or build hybrid deployments combining some or all of these.

Custom Email add-ons

Mail services do not need to be limited to just sending and receiving emails. We can additionally help you build email archival solutions, email moderating and workflow solutions and email-based request tracking systems.

Choose your deepOfix Deployment

deepOfix deployments can be flexible. You can size and structure them based on your budget, user base, availability requirements and scale.

upto 50 Users

Deploy a single server within your premises. Low-end server hardware or even high-end desktop hardware will work. Use your regular Internet connection to send and receive emails.

upto 1000 users

Deploy a single server using mid-sized server hardware. Host on-premise or co-locate in a data center. Or buy a reasonably powerful cloud VPS to host your mail services


Build a distributed email setup to have your mail servers closest to your largest user groups.

2000+ users

Build a cluster of mail servers - start with at least 2 nodes with shared storage to eliminate single points of failures and distribute your load across multiple server hardware or even Internet links.

Who's using deepOfix?

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