We architect, package, install, configure, migrate, extend, scale and support a variety of Free Software tools… So that you can derive the benefits of GNU/Linux faster, better, today and in every way.

Service Delivery Value System


Repeatability & Transparency

It should be possible for you to understand how we setup something and repeat the setup.


It should be possible to deploy and configure complex software without the service effort being proportional to the software’s complexity!

Reachable Support

Support that you can reach in times of need ensures that you can deploy Free Software without risk or worry.


We like to work with selective Free Software tools that we know work well and elegantly.


Free Software

Needless to say, everything we work with is licensed under a Free / Open Source Software license.


Software Packaging

We “package” software for easy delivery, transparency and portability. Coupled with service automation, transparent deployment and reachable support, this presents an exacting combination of our services.

Hosted Services

Email Hosting

Host your email on our servers. Good option for small scale email requirements. Your email is powered by the same software you would run on-premise. Still benefit from the freedom, privacy and control that deepOfix provides you.

SMTP Relay

Choose our hosted SMTP relay services for reliable outbound mailing. This service handles your regular email as well as your mass mail. Complete with multiple and clean outbound IP addresses, DKIM signatures and bounce handling.

Backup MX Hosting

Host your secondary MX with us. Never loose email when your mail server is unreachable. Simple redundancy for reliable inbound mail delivery.

Managed Servers

Use our managed servers to choose, deploy and manage your custom hosting requirements for Free Software. We recommend and support multiple VPS / cloud providers as well as bare-metal service providers.

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Support Services

Debian GNU/Linux

Debian GNU/Linux

We provide support for Debian GNU/Linux as well as Ubuntu. We can help you deploy, customize, automate and maintain Debian-based servers, desktops, embedded devices and clusters.



OpenLDAP has been a part of our products and services for a very long time. We offer training, deployment, updates and customization and integration services for Debian.



We provide support, deployment and scaling assistance and customizations for Qmail and associated tools. Qmail has been an integral part of our solutions for over 16 years now.



We deploy Nextcloud for a variety of file sharing and syncing requirements on desktop and mobile platforms alike.



We provide support and deployment services for OpenVPN to serve remote access and network/subnet bridging requirements.



We provide deployment services and support for pfSense to build firewalls and networking solutions.



We specialise in building scalable, clustered and distributed DNS services using djbdns. This includes djbdns components such a tinydns and dnscache.


Web Applications

We also provide support most of the popular web-based application software for a variety of requirements.

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